"Meeting customer expectations does not come easily. It is achieved by understanding Customer needs, delivering them in time and more. To sum up, the service provided must exceed their expectations. To achieve this, the primary focus should always be - "QUALITY"

At Alt N, our responsibility is to ensure that through established standards and measurements, the level of quality matches or exceeds our customers' expectations.

We develop organizational excellence and quality awareness through systematic process improvements, training, measurements and development of customer, partner and employee satisfaction programs.

Quality is an integral part of our commitment to world-class technology, products and Professional Services. To ensure efficient quality system, we have Quality System Documentation (QSD), which provides our engineers with a vast repository of detailed procedures, templates, standards, guidelines and checklists. The comprehensiveness of QSD supports all tasks from high-level information abstraction and definition to tasks such as coding and documentation.

Quality Development Procedure:

Quality consciousness permeates throughout our software development processes and formalized through a set of quality procedures. These procedures cover all the activities in software development life cycle from the contract to delivery acceptance by the customer. Every stage of the software life cycle is covered by the quality procedures. Procedures are continuously fine-tuned for higher quality and comfort in use.

Quality Control:

At Alt N, we realize that, by just testing software we will not make the software any better or improve its quality. Hence our employees are educated and motivated to incorporate the quality processes into their everyday activities, thereby preventing non-conformance to quality at every level. This helps monitor and evaluate quality at every stage. Any deviation is detected and corrected at an early stage.

Quality Auditing:

The quality group organizes periodic and systematic internal audits across all projects in the organization for their adherence to defined quality system for the project.

Quality Assurance:

All Quality Management Systems within the Group are based on the best industry standard quality guidelines. Their implementation is effectively managed through comprehensive, well-designed, practical processes. Constant review and audit of this system ensures its applicability and use throughout the organization. We also ensure, by way of quality manuals, quality circles, on the job training, and 'good ideas' incentives that our employees are actively involved in the ongoing search for better ways to exceed customer expectations.

Project Metrics:

To ensure quality assurance, all project performance related metrics are captured in the process database. This data forms the basis to construct Alt N's process-capability baseline, which is used by project leaders to estimate effort, schedule tasks, and predict defect levels during the Inception-Planning phase. The process database is based on data from past projects and ensures that project plans are realistic. Further, project monitoring based on these metrics increases its effectiveness.


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